Nestle Milkybar Giant Buttons Milkshake Mix Up


Mix ups are the in thing with chocolately snacks at the minute, and Nestle have offered up their version with Milkybar Giant Buttons Milkshake Mix Up! What a mouthful!

Cadbury introduced mixed buttons earlier this year, and Nestle always the ones to play catch up, have offered their variant a few months later. It’s milk chocolate buttons, it’s white chocolate buttons, and the only way to decide between the two is on already existing chocolate preference. Or whichever is currently on offer for £1.

It’s surprising that the two flavours haven’t been combined till now, you’d think it would be an obvious priority instead of mixing Oreos and buttons, or sweets and buttons, but there you go. Perhaps it’s taken this long because ultimately, when you throw two flavours together into one bag, one flavour always comes out the dominant one, the other flavour barely registering on the taste buds. With Cadbury the milk chocolate is king, but here it’s all about the Milkybar chocolate.

Milkybar is the king amongst white chocolate, which leads to the milk chocolate segments become more of a nuisance than a component, tasting like diluted versions thanks to the two chocolate types fusing together at the bottom due to hot hands. No one ever says the Nestle milk chocolate is on them, you dip into these for the Milkybar and that’s all. So why even mix the two together? Novelty goes a long way, people like to try new things, even when they are trying to cut down on sugary treats. I’m a sad bloated example of that.



I’m all mixed up.


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