Galaxy Duet: Caramel & Shortcake

galaxy duetAccording to advertisements, Galaxy is the chocolate you eat whilst wearing silk nightwear, happen to be incredibly good looking, and have a high metabolism, or excellent personal trainer. It’s the classy choice, though I found the latest creation, Galaxy Duet, in the reduced section at Co-op for 16p. A whole box full of them. 

It’s the deliciously smooth Galaxy chocolate you’ve come to expect, only this time the two sides of the wave like design contain different innards. The left is the Galaxy caramel we all know and love. It’s the caramel which always ends up stuck on fingers no matter how carefully you eat.

The other half is the shortcake. It’s packed with mini biscuit bites, and it tastes like crunchy Galaxy. Pop the two sides in your mouth at the same time and you’re in heaven, that’s the idea anyway. Though for some reason my taste buds wouldn’t register such a glorious combination. It just tasted underwhelming, not so bad, just underwhelming. The two sides don’t compliment each other all that well; the biscuits aren’t pushing enough weight here. Maybe they could have made the biscuits crunchier, or put some more artificial flavours into it so at least people wouldn’t question why this duo has no coordination.

Perhaps I’m not wearing enough silk to understand. Though if shops are pushing them out at 16p a bar, maybe they don’t understand either.



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