Twix Bites

It’s been a while since I’ve found some new junk food to talk trash about. You see, I’ve been on a diet, avoiding sugar, pushing weights, and trying to stay away from those beautiful alluring trans fats. But I am a sucker for Twix, and so here I am eating Twix Bites, the bittier version of the two-fingered treat I love so much. 

The Twix bar has always been a bit of a weakness for me. The combination of biscuit chocolate and caramel seems to perfectly sync with my taste buds, and whilst working at the theatre back in 2015, I’d go buy a Twix from the vending machine before each show. Then after a few weeks, I’d go buy a Twix from the vending machine before and after the show. Then a few weeks later I’d go buy the king size variant from the Tesco across the road, and maybe a standard bar from the vending machine after the show… I was hooked on those double fingered bars, and my cheeks were getting bigger, one crunch at a time.

So fast forward to 2017 and I’m seeing these Twix Bites and I’m thinking back to those days of back stage props and the sensation of feeling a little heavy. They weren’t particularly bad times, so I thought I’d give these new little Twix pieces a go.

They are what they are, but the small pieces of Twix don’t have the same appeal when it comes to consuming them as the standard Twix bars do. Having long chocolate fingers to contend with felt like a journey, an experience of slowly making your way from one end to the other, whilst the Twix Bites are just small blobs of chocolate. Pop them in your mouth and be done. Which is a little sad. How can I make memories from a bag of chocolate which lacks the right amount of textured chocolate ripples per piece, which lacks the weight a standard Twix finger holds? And when you have pieces so small, how can you enjoy the biscuit crunch when there is so little for your teeth to hold?

Ultimately, Twix Bites are what they are.

And what they aren’t are those Twix bars from my theatre days. Just another share bag of popular chocolate, grinded down into insignificant replicas. Think of it as if you cut a pizza into tiny squares. Tastes the same, but does it feel like pizza?


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