Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo Mint

So when everything in my own life falls apart, I’m writing about chocolate. Which makes sense a little, for when all those strings that keep you together are feeling frayed, maybe even a few have already snapped, one solution is to turn to chocolate. Turn to chocolate and watch those pounds rise. You feel good in the moment.

The Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo has always been a favourite. There is something about the Oreo biscuit, the black chocolate wafers and vanilla innards haven’t been replicated outside of obvious alternative off-brand versions, leading to a biscuit with an identity, a personality, and some flair. Throw it in ice cream, milkshakes or chocolate bars, and you have a perfect Oreo love in.

Though Oreo mint is something else entirely.

You see, when Oreo ends up elsewhere outside of its biscuit origins, it ends up being a white pastey substance. It isn’t the Oreo biscuit, but its own thing, and when you start playing with the flavour, you start losing that identity. Make a Oreo Biscuit with a mint or peanut butter filling, and you still have that wafer. Put it into the chocolate as a flavoured pastey substance, and you’re left with something which doesn’t feel all that Oreo.

And so you have something a little more Aero.

So it goes.


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