Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo Mint

So when everything in my own life falls apart, I’m writing about chocolate. Which makes sense a little, for when all those strings that keep you together are feeling frayed, maybe even a few have already snapped, one solution is to turn to chocolate. Turn to chocolate and watch those pounds rise. You feel good in the moment. Continue reading


Twix Bites

It’s been a while since I’ve found some new junk food to talk trash about. You see, I’ve been on a diet, avoiding sugar, pushing weights, and trying to stay away from those beautiful alluring trans fats. But I am a sucker for Twix, and so here I am eating Twix Bites, the bittier version of the two-fingered treat I love so much.  Continue reading

Galaxy Duet: Caramel & Shortcake

galaxy duetAccording to advertisements, Galaxy is the chocolate you eat whilst wearing silk nightwear, happen to be incredibly good looking, and have a high metabolism, or excellent personal trainer. It’s the classy choice, though I found the latest creation, Galaxy Duet, in the reduced section at Co-op for 16p. A whole box full of them.  Continue reading