Galaxy Duet: Caramel & Shortcake

galaxy duetAccording to advertisements, Galaxy is the chocolate you eat whilst wearing silk nightwear, happen to be incredibly good looking, and have a high metabolism, or excellent personal trainer. It’s the classy choice, though I found the latest creation, Galaxy Duet, in the reduced section at Co-op for 16p. A whole box full of them.  Continue reading


Nestle Milkybar Giant Buttons Milkshake Mix Up


Mix ups are the in thing with chocolately snacks at the minute, and Nestle have offered up their version with Milkybar Giant Buttons Milkshake Mix Up! What a mouthful! Continue reading

KFC Zinger Stacker

stackerThis is a tale of the past, but I’m sure the KFC Zinger Stacker will be back, so take this as a cautionary tale.

It had been a while since I got together with a friend, just to kick back and fully consume an array of drinks and games. As an adult, it’s rare to get these times of worry free pleasure, and it almost feels like being a child again, even when your friend now has their own personal space. And a career. And a car. And a cat. Plus everything else. Oh, how time flies! Continue reading